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Toby Gant, M.Ed., is a yoga teacher and certified holistic life coach. Toby began his spiritual quest as a young child and started experiencing profound insights and revelations during his college years. His work focuses on connecting with the soul's purposes and activating one's unique gifts. He ushers in intuitive messages to bring greater clarity while encouraging his clients to connect with, trust and follow their own intuition. Toby offers one-on-one coaching and facilitates workshops and retreats focused on finding one's soulful center.


Jennifer Siddens grew up in California and, after a brief stint in both Michigan and Scotland for university, returned to the west coast and is still thawing out. She's been a copy writer, an editor, a script doctor, a blogger, and a content creator. She's a mother, a wife, an artist, and a bit of a snob about fancy wine. Meditating is her cardio. Jennifer writes every morning and then spends the rest of her day chasing her kids and dog around the Bay Area, usually in heels.

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The Well Written Life

Redesign your life through the power of writing

“We write to expose the unexposed.”

- Anne Lamott


Why, in your personal and spiritual growth pursuits, should you consider writing? How does this aid in the expansion of the soul and a healthier subconscious? Writing can seem like an aspirational and elite thing, associated with book-filled offices and degrees with many important looking letters trailing off the end. In reality, you write all day long : emails, Instagram captions, Facebook posts, to-do lists. It’s very much a part of our daily lives and something you can utilize over and over again to benefit your own growth. In this workshop, we want you to take it a step further and use.....

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