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Conscious Consumption

Change your choices 

Change your life

The choices we make and the things we purchase dramatically affect how we feel. Toby will teach you how to detox your mind, body, and home by making choices that are better for personal health and the health of the planet. Offerings include:


Home Detox & Shop for Success

Toby will help you inventory your home, from kitchen cabinets to personal care products. You will learn how to keep your home, your family, and your body free of mind-dulling toxins. He will also take you on an educational shopping trip, teach you how to read labels, learn about food ingredients, and plan for vibrant meals and snacks.


Healing Foods

Toby will take one of your favorite family meals and give it a healthy and delicious makeover. He will come to your home and do a cooking demo, helping you learn the tips and tools for revolutionizing the way you eat. Ingredients for one family meal included.

Conscious Consumption Package

Combines Healing Foods with Home Detox & Shop for Success while saving $100


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