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As the days are getting shorter and we approach the holiday season its a great time to do some mental & emotional self-care. For many the fall and winter months can bring on anxiety, hopelessness & despair. Yet, this season can also be a chance to go within, heal old wounds and emerge stronger and more joyous than ever before. 

Each week in October we will take a meditative journey into our mental health and well-being. 


Here's some of the topics/content you can expect:

  • Depression: going to the root

  • Anxiety: understanding its tremendous potential energy

  • Unearthing and making peace with our mother wounds

  • Unearthing and making peace with our father wounds

  • Role playing scenarios for greater clarity

  • Sharing emotional wellness with our children & family members

  • Partner exercises for objective and intuitive insights

  • Attaining a deep, abiding gratitdue for all the good that you are

  • Group healing circle

  • Effective, easy to remember breathing exercises

The full series includes the following:

  • 5 unique live weekly workshops 

  • Access to a supportive & educational private Facebook group

  • Access to workshop recordings

VIP Access includes all of the above PLUS:

  • Your own personal 90 minute soul coaching session with Toby

This series will be offered each week in October (plus first week in November) at these times:

  • Tuesdays at 9 pm PH& SG time/9 am Eastern time

  • Wednesdays at 6 pm Pacific /9 am Thursdays PH & SG time

Save $59 with the VIP package  here:


Toby Gant, M.Ed.

is a registered yoga teacher and certified holistic life coach. Toby began his spiritual quest as a young child and started experiencing profound insights and revelations during his college years. His work focuses on connecting with one’s higher purposes and activating one's unique gifts. He ushers in intuitive messages to bring greater clarity while encouraging his clients to connect with, trust and follow their own intuition. Toby offers one-on-one coaching and facilitates workshops and retreats focused on finding one's authentic self.


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