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Series begins February 1

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My very first awareness of chakras happened during my first experience with an energy healer back in 2012. While she worked on me my eyes were closed yet I was seeing vivid colors in my mind's eye. At the end of the session I asked her about these colors. She deduced that I was seeing the colors of the chakras as she worked on me. She explained the chakras and pointed a chakra diagram on her wall. I was blown away!

Needless to say that experience had a lasting impact on me. Something about energy centers within our bodies just clicked for me. In fact, working with my chakras has become a vital part of my growth, empowerment and expansion. During the month of February I am so excited to share these experiences & knowledge with you!

Here are just a few of the areas we will focus on:​​

  • Understanding just what energy is and how it flows through us

  • Anatomy of the energy body and chakras

  • Grounding, stability & feeling safe via root chakra

  • Creativity and emotional wellness via sacral chakra

  • Confidence, courage & motivation via solar plexus chakra

  • Giving/receiving love (especially unconditional love) via heart charka

  • Full expression/healthy communication via throat chakra

  • Infinite divine wisdom & insights via third eye chakra

  • Awareness that we are always one with God via crown chakra

  • Ways to nourish, balance & strengthen the chakras

  • Beneficial aromatherapy and crystals for each chakra plus guidance on how to use them

Here are some benefits you can expect:​​

  • Ways to quickly shift your frequency 

  • Confidence in manifesting your goals with the help of your chakras

  • Renewed confidence

  • Soothing sense of feeling grounded

  • Big intuitive boost

This four part series will have a new class each week in February, beginning with the preview the week of February 1. You are free to attend either of the two live class offerings each week: 

Batch A

Tuesdays at 9 pm PH/SG time beginning Feb. 1 (8 am Eastern time)

Batch B

Wednesdays at 5 pm Pacific time/8 pm Eastern time beginning Feb. 2 (9 am PH/SG time on Thursdays beginning Feb. 3)


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Toby Gant, M.Ed.

is a registered yoga teacher and certified holistic life coach. Toby began his spiritual quest as a young child and started experiencing profound insights and revelations during his college years. His work focuses on connecting with one’s higher purposes and activating one's unique gifts. He ushers in intuitive messages to bring greater clarity while encouraging his clients to connect with, trust and follow their own intuition. Toby offers one-on-one coaching and facilitates workshops and retreats focused on finding one's authentic self.


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