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Clients & Media

"Toby is a compassionate and insightful holistic life coach that has the ability to inspire his clients to live their best life. He incorporates his knowledge of nutrition, energy medicine, yoga and life coaching, delivering  time-tested solutions to modern day challenges in ways that are accessible and profoundly transformational." 


Tracee S.

Topanga, CA

"Over the course of a year, Toby has helped me dive into my own consciousness and awareness so much more than I could have ever imagined. He has challenged me to think deeper, while evaluating those thoughts without judgment. Before Toby, I had scratched the surface of what it meant to be "in tune with myself," however after many reflected conversations with him, I can honestly say he has helped me plunge into the person I am today. A person whom I have grown to respect, appreciate and love more than ever before."

- Stefanie Deorio, San Francisco, CA

"After months of trying to do my own soul searching, I decided to call Toby at Shekhinah Holistic. Upon hearing his voice, I immediately knew it was the right call to make. In our initial discussion- Toby guided me to open up my 3rd eye, helped me to trust my own intuition, and gave me invaluable and accurate insight from Spirit. I have since been working with him and recommend his guidance to anyone looking to find deeper meaning in their life's work."

Liv G.

Lakewood, CA

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