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Heart Confetti

This September Soulspansion is BRINGIN' SEXY BACK!!!

It doesn't matter if you're "single ready to mingle" or you've been married for 40 years! This September Soulspansion's gonna help you light the fire in your heart and heat it up in the bedroom!


The biggest key to finding a new relationship or healing a broken one is in your heart. When our hearts are happy we are more open to harmonious relationship. When we carry old wounds and don't learn from them we tend to stay stuck and unfulfilled. 

Bringin' Sexy Back! is your ticket to a happy heart, whether you love being single or you want a thriving partnership. 

Here are some of areas we will focus on:​​

  • Holistic tips & tricks to spice it up in the bedroom

  • Cleanse & release of ALL body/sex shame & guilt

  • Learn to LOVE your body as it is

  • Learn the wisdom from past relationship wounds

  • Break negative old relationship patterns

  • Cleanse & release of outdated expectations

  • Getting clear on what you truly want  & manifesting it

  • Cleanse & release of unrealistic romantic programming

  • Finding wholeness in yourself 

  • Boosting  vibrant communication in relationships

  • Building a truly intimate bond

Heart Confetti
Bringin' Sexy Back!
Tuesdays in Sept. @ 9 am Eastern/9 pm PH & SG
Wednesdays in Sept. at 9 pm Eastern/Thursdays 
@ 9 am PH & SG
All workshops will be recorded in case you miss one!

Save $50 with VIP ticket plus get a 90 minute VIP coaching session!


Toby Gant, M.Ed.

is a registered yoga teacher and certified holistic life coach. Toby began his spiritual quest as a young child and started experiencing profound insights and revelations during his college years. His work focuses on connecting with one’s higher purposes and activating one's unique gifts. He ushers in intuitive messages to bring greater clarity while encouraging his clients to connect with, trust and follow their own intuition. Toby offers one-on-one coaching and facilitates workshops and retreats focused on finding one's authentic self.


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