2018 Tune-in & Tune-Up

No more excuses or blocks: live 2018 empowered in your soul's truth 

2018 is your year to live 100% in your highest truth. It's time to tune-in to the guidance of your soul. It's time to step into the fullness of your gifts and share them with the world. 

We have all made excuses and hidden in our "comfort" zones. Eventually, those comfort zones start to feel uncomfortable and even stifling. No more!

Toby will help you access your own soul's guidance on how to live empowered and fulfilled. He will also help you boost your confidence in your amazing abilities and rocket past lingering self-doubts.


Take your power back: purchase your Tune-In & Tune-Up Session today.

2018 Vision & Empowerment Meditation

"After months of trying to do my own soul searching, I decided to call Toby at Shekhinah Holistic. Upon hearing his voice, I immediately knew it was the right call to make. In our initial discussion- Toby guided me to open up my 3rd eye, helped me to trust my own intuition, and gave me invaluable and accurate insight from Spirit. I have since been working with him and recommend his guidance to anyone looking to find deeper meaning in their life's work."

Liv G.

Lakewood, CA

Nothing to book at the moment

I first encountered Toby through a recommendation from a friend. All my readings with Toby brought incredible insight to what was happening in my life at that time. I always check in with him when ever I can't figure out why life is throwing something at me. I highly recommend Toby to anybody I come across looking for insight. Thanks again Toby!!


David Sumliner

Pahoa, HI



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