Somategrate Integrative Workshop Series

What is Somategrate? 

It is way of truly understanding the stages of healing and consciousness that we all commonly experience. Somategrate will empower you to approach these stages with awareness about what is actually happening in your body, with your perceptions and with your emotions. This awareness unlocks the gifts of each stage and also gives you the flexibility to more easily transition between stages.


Dr. Tara Rasta, D.C., and Toby Gant, Soul Coach, incorporate powerful breath techniques that help you integrate your physical, emotional and spiritual experiences with strength and grace. Somategrate also incorporates supportive essential oils and guided meditation, specific to each stage of consciousness. Upon completing Somategrate you will have greater experience of your body, breath, motion, energy and natural rhythms. As you understand the value of each exercise and where you need to evolve, you will claim your inner resourcefulness, power and wisdom of the body to heal itself.   

This three part series will be offered from 12 to 2:30 pm on:

April 6 & 13 and May 11


The workshops can be booked individually or as a series. Those booking the full series will save $35, get access to a private Facebook group complete with instructional videos, and other bonuses. 

The VIP package, at a savings of $135, includes all of the above plus private, 90 minute sessions with both Dr. Rasta and Toby Gant.

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Session Descriptions


Session 1: April 13, 12pm-2:30 pm 

Stage 1 - Suffering 

Understanding the parts of us that are disconnected; acknowledging and accepting our pain body, ego, the parts of us that have encountered loss, trauma and chaotic experiences.

In the beginning of this stage our awareness may be overwhelmed by the experience of pain associated with such experiences, our symptoms or distressing circumstances. As we connect with the rhythm of this stage you learn to accept and acknowledge your feelings and accept where you are in the journey. 


Stage 2 - Polarities and Different Rhythms 

We begin to discover that our disconnected parts we acknowledged in Stage 1 long to be expressed. We tend to feel more emotion (sometimes anger and frustration) towards contrasting rhythms in our life. Often times when we find ourselves in the consciousness of Stage 2, we have a tendency to project blame on our external surroundings.

We also have the ability to recognize that we are the common denominator of such contrast in life.

It is in this stage we must begin to recognize that different beliefs, polarities, and rhythms are parts of life that we must allow to coexist simultaneously in order to continue our journey of personal transformation. As we connect to the rhythm of stage 2, we begin to become aware of our different parts and polarities, and we discover that we are somehow involved in the process and partially responsible for our stress. 


Stage 3 - Stuck in Perspective 

This stage of healing involves the recognition that our distress is associated with the fact that we are stuck in a perspective. Our concepts and physiology have been fixed. In this stage we just need to amplify and acknowledge that we are stuck so we can move through the process. 

Stage 4 - Reclaiming our Power 

This stage of healing is one in which we realize the narrative determined by the above three stages no longer work for us. We acknowledge that we had lost our power to our ego and self-limiting beliefs and are determined not to let it happen again. You will anchor the consciousness of deserving more and claiming your power back. At this stage our focus is no longer on a cause or an answer but the courage to be fully ourselves. 


Session 2: May 4, 12-2:30 pm

Stage 5 - Merging with the Illusion 

In this stage we will revisit our alienated self. We are now strong enough to own it and merge the past illusion of self. We have now felt and discovered there is more to our body sense or symptoms. We will recognize the extraordinary energy within us. We understand that past our potential discomfort we will be okay. We must see what is on the other side of illusion. 


Stage 6 - Preparation for Resolution 

The alienated, traumatized, denied or redirected consciousness or energy is moving toward resolution and discharge. We feel the tension building within ourselves as the process of breath work advances. We feel ready to do whatever it takes to get on with our lives. We have a sense that there is something more waiting for us and also a sense that we are not flexible enough just yet or not enough for what is next. We feel hungry for what is coming. We are actively preparing. 

Stage 7 - Resolution 

In this stage we will be discharging lots of energy, this may be a muscular energy, or fever, coughing, sneezing, screaming, crying or laughing. A sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, peace and inner strength accompanies this process when resolution occurs. 


Stage 8 - Emptiness in Connectedness 

After the discharge we are empty, rather than a space of nothingness, we find ourselves in a place of possibilities. We enter to a space of gratitude, vulnerability, connection with our external rhythm, and alignment with events around us. We welcome synchronicity and serendipity as a natural way of life. We feel more room in our body for breath, we sense the rhythms within and sometimes around us. 


Session 3: May 11, 12-2PM

Stage 9 - Light Behind Form

From our place of emptiness and gratitude, we can truly appreciate our energetic fullness. We become energetically more connected and, as we feel the energy that runs inside and between us, we are more sensitive to love as the basic energy of universe and find it all around and within us. We are grateful for an energetic awakening.

Stage 10 - Ascent 

 In this stage we experience our union with the creative force of the universe. We transcend the limits, boundaries, language and judgments of our existing sense of self. We gain the wisdom of knowing the oneness in creation during this stage. We feel as we are connected to all life and all life is connected to us. We experience the grace of love as a physical and spiritual phenomenon through light, vibration or touch. 


Stage 11 - Descent 

In this stage we are renewed beyond our limits and sense of self and enter into the world again. We know we are part of all we perceive and responsible for all that we know. We live without being attached to our circumstances. We love and we serve. We participate in a larger circle of life, knowing our gifts and having a burning desire to effortlessly share them with the world, in service. 


Stage 12 - Community 

We experience our involvement with humanity and recognize that wholeness comes from bringing our individual gifts into the community. This occurs in our internal and external communities. We recognize that all of our choices are spiritual ones and affect all beings. We celebrate our divergent energies and open to all possibilities.