Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the energy of other people or situations? Has anyone ever told you to "toughen up" or "grow thicker skin?" Maybe you just find yourself taking on other people's emotions and illnesses. 


Shield of Peace is our online class that teaches you how to create better energy boundaries. This enables you to be around others without taking on their issues or taking their words personally. When it is cold outside you put on a coat. In the same manner, if you are at all sensitive put on your shield!

This class will cover the following:

*How energy flows


*Distinguishing your emotions/energy from that of others 

*Shielding from the negative emotions of others (excellent for empaths)

*Shielding from low-vibrational energies (really helpful for those developing their intuitive gifts)

*Clearing trauma and long-term negative patterns

*Quick clearing methods (great for those busy days)

*How to cultivate love and compassion for others while keeping your own energy healthy

September 19, 2017
5-7 pm Pacific time
This will be recorded for those who are unable to participate live.                

*By registering you agree to receive updates from The Farmacist and Shekhinah Holistic. We will not share your information with any other entities. 

**Your payment for registration is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

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