Sleep with the angels

Sleep Formula quickly induces a restful, deep sleep without feeling drowsy in the morning.  Sleep Formula stimulates the higher mid-brain and frontal cortex structures.  Once activated, the frontal cortex can synthesize any internally stuck information and help the body release stored stress.  The same structures that induce REM sleep also generate sensory information.  Sleep Formula helps with any issue that is looping mentally and/or physically.  Reapply if awakened during the night.

Head - Apply a few drops to the back of the head between both ears so it is close to the brain stem.

Nose - Apply directly under nose. Use on the bottom of the feet if the aroma is bothersome.

Bath - Add 6 drops to a full bathtub of warm water or apply to back on neck. As tub fills add ½ C. of solar sea salts and soak for 20 min.

Diffuser - Add to aromatherapy diffuser to relax and induce a restful, deep sleep.

Spray - Add 12 drops to an 8 oz. spray bottle of pure water.  Spray pillow before bedtime.

Ingredients - Essential oils of tangerine, petitgrain, ylang ylang, marjoram, and lavender in ORMUS