Sync with Earth

Ground Formula combines ginger, fir needle, elemi, sage, pine, oregano, basil, cedarwood, coriander and spruce. These 100% pure essential oils create a magnificent synergistic blend that will increase the ability to stay focused in the moment, while standing strong in our authentic truth.

Information is always available to us and we are able to access it much easier when we are calm, cleared of programming and grounded. The Earth formula helps the human body/mind adjust as we adapt to the intensity of ascension frequency. As the vibrations (energy) increase within the body they can throw us out of balance. Ground Formula gives us a strong connection to Earth during those times when we are flying high or even feeling a bit spaced out.

Ground Formula will assist our ability to ebb and flow throughout our daily events while keeping us stabilized as we move through stages of transformation.
This combination of oils rids the body of old pain and suffering as it removes energy blocks and empowers us to flow and connect with Earth’s pulse effortlessly.

Point to Ponder - The heartbeat of Earth is on the rise. For many years the geometric pulse, also known as Schumann Resonance, hovered around 7.83 Hz. Her frequency occasionally spikes as high as 16 Hz and is now sustained near 8.5. The human body is a living, learning, self-renewing, slowly adapting organism and Ground Formula helps us in the process of changing Earth resonance.

Body – Apply drops of the Earth formula to the back of the neck, ear lobes and wrists.

Foot – Apply drops to the bottom of the feet.

Nose – Wear drops under the nose.

Ingredients - Essnetial oils of inger, fir needle, elemi, sage, pine, oregano, basil, cedarwood, coriander and spruce in ORMUS


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