“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
― Jalaluddin Rumi 

Join us as we illuminate and transcend all self-imposed barriers to heart-centered living. Bask in the sacred sounds from Songdahla. Draw on Universal guidance from intuitive soul coach Toby Gant. 

You will leave this retreat feeling lighter, refreshed, excited, and with a wellness kit full of essential tools and knowledge. We will practice yoga (suitable for novice to pro), guided meditation, and cultivate understanding of our heart blockages and how to transcend them. 

We will feast on high-vibe, delectable meals, savor Reiki-infused raw chocolates, and sip sacred herbal elixirs in ceremony. 

We will create a medicine wheel infused with our own unique soul signatures, participate in ceremony for each of the elements, and feel our heart chakras sing to the activating tones of Dianne and Bruce. We will seal in this transformative experience with ceremony at an ancient sacred site. Optional sacred sound balancing with Dianne and soul path readings with Toby will be on offer. 


A duo from the Central Coast of NSW, Bruce and Dianne play guitar, djembe, and often with percussion and tones of Light language with the crystal bowls accompanying the songs and Neptune the gong rumbling through a sound bath .

Songdahla’s mission is to connect to & share with the universal song of all - Oneness. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are shared through sacred sounds and songs.

Together Songdahla are 2 souls (twin flames) sharing a mission with humanity through their music and sacred sounds. They create soundscapes to open the heart with mantra’s and spiritual messages about LOVE.

Dates: 11th -13th August 2017
Where: Kahlanna Wellness Centre, Mardi NSW 2259 Cost: $432 AU 

Deposit: $200 AU

For more information contact:

Dianne & Bruce on 0417 263 425 & 0412 583 643 Songdahla@hotmail.com 

(Accommodation available) 

$200 AU Deposit

$432 AU Pay in Full

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